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 +====== Overview ======
 +====== Software Options ======
 +PCA on EEG/ERP data can be conducted using either regular statistics software (e.g. SPSS, SAS, R) or specialized software like the [[http://​​projects/​erppcatoolkit/​|ERP PCA Toolkit]]. ​ As we fill out the information on this page, checkout the overview on the [[http://​​p=38|blog]].  ​
 +====== Install ERP PCA Toolkit ======
 +  - Download ERP PCA Toolkit - http://​​projects/​erppcatoolkit/​
 +  - Grab the dependencies ([[http://​​eeglab/​|EEGLab]] and [[http://​|FieldTrip]])
 +  - Unpack and place the toolboxes in a easy to access location (e.g. /​Users/​Shared)
 +    - I suggest that you have one folder per toolbox (e.g. /​Users/​Shared/​eeglab and /​Users/​Shared/​fieldtrip)
 +    - Remove the "​slimmed down" FieldTrip install in EEGLab in eeglab/​external
 +    - Disable binary ICA in EEGLAB: modify ICABINARY line (~56) in eeglab/​functions/​sigprocfunc/​icadefs.m to be ICABINARY=[ ];
 +  - Add each toolbox to your path
 +    - Add PCA Toolkit to your path **including** sub-folders
 +    - Add EEGLab to your path **without** the subfolders
 +    - Add FieldTrip to your path **without** the subfolders ​
 +      - You'll need to then type ft_defaults on MATLAB prompt and then save the path again
 +====== Preparing Data for PCA ======
 +Whether you are conducting a PCA using software such as R or the ERP PCA Toolkit, the data preparation for most PCAs is roughly the same.  You should conduct preprocessing in your software of choice. ​ PCA Toolkit has routines for handing the preprocessing,​ but you could just as easily the software from your manufacturer (e.g. Net Station). ​ In the end, your data should have gone through some set of the following:
 +  - Filtering
 +  - Segmentation
 +  - Artifact Detection
 +  - Baseline Correction
 +  - Re-referencing (e.g. Average Reference)
 +  - Averaging
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